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Artist's Statement

Photographer Michael Cromwell

I plant seeds to awaken the knowledge of man's interdependence with the natural world. My finished compositions create a visual language that fosters an understanding of man's intimate connection with nature.

My voice is an interdisciplinary art form that explores the layering of digital photography, found objects, painting, and texture.

When I use the camera, it's as a gathering tool.

My photography is more about creating a composite image rather than recording a single scene or event. I am continually inspired by found objects mainly discovered during nature hikes where my heightened state of consciousness inspires visual statements on nature's delicate existence and the process of decay. I also find or paint textures and images that are later photographed and incorporated as part of my work flow process.

My life experience as an artist guides my instincts and observations of subject matter, composition, textures, colors, and form. The resulting art is an ongoing exploration and experimentation of mediums and techniques consisting of abstract or still life photo-compositions, photographic and mixed media collages, nature photography, and wooden assemblages with found objects.

Seemingly unrelated elements of our environment, when combined, become visual statements about our sense of place. Through my artform, I am able to capture what I view as transformation - the dance of creation and destruction.

I produce original, mixed media art (one-of-a-kind) as well as limited edition, digital collages printed from the master files in a range of sizes, utilizing archival pigments on fine art paper, canvas, or aluminum.


Since childhood, Michael Cromwell has been drawing, painting, or taking pictures. Early on, his interest in nature was readily apparent and his creative efforts often included close-ups and details of his subject matter.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, he was later educated at Western Michigan University and The Art School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts. In 1975, he founded Cromwell Communications, a graphic design and visual communications firm. During the next 30+ years, Cromwell created award-winning art and design for corporate America. From 1983 through 1999, he was a college Design Instructor at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. He taught Advanced Graphic Design and Environmental Graphics.

In December 2005, Cromwell and his wife, Terry, retired from the visual communications business and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. They currently reside in the district of North Kohala.

Cromwell has since devoted his creative expertise to a variety of fine art projects. His intuitive skills as a designer, artist, and photographer have combined to create a diverse body of work that includes abstract compositions, photographic and mixed media collages, still life compositions, and illustrative graphic images of textures and typography. In orchestrating a unique symphony of natural color, form, and texture, Cromwell reflects a contemporary view of nature and the environment.

Cromwell currently is represented at several Hawaii galleries, works with architects and interior designers on custom installations, has secured several private residential commissions, and has exhibited in multiple juried exhibitions, solo, and group shows.

Hibiscus Triptych
Fire Dance