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Michael Cromwell


Artist Michael Cromwell

Michael Cromwell's mixed media artform takes viewers on a voyage of discovery with attention focused on the bond between man, his environment, and the transitory nature of life. Physical and visual abstractions from the environment serve as his inspiration. This painter, designer, and photographer's resulting interpretations become explorations of color, form, and texture, as well as, experiments with combined mediums, techniques, and substrates.

Cromwell is well known for his found object assemblages, collage, and diverse digital art. Often he begins with recording natural phenomena, objects and textures, and then combines wet and mixed media, resulting in a chorus of imagery that collages into a characteristic Cromwell identity. His originals have a commanding presence and celebrate abstract expression, non-representational painting, and alternative media.

"My artform captures what I view as transformation: the dance of creation and deconstruction."